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Black Butterfly Just felt it interesting to share my thoughts on movies seen recently. It falls in the suspense thriller genre and builds up really well. A reclusive writer searching for some stimulation to move his story forward. Just when he happens to come across a drifter and invites to his isolated cabin as a guest in exchange for his support in an altercation with a truck driver. The plot builds up in an intriguing way and the twist towards the end makes up for the slow and dramatic pace at which the movie builds up. However the final twist really makes the mockery out of the entire drama and it almost feels like a deceit making you sit through the entire length of the film. Wish the writers at times should just not have the tendency to tamper with the script too much and let it end where it is really required to be rather than making an attempt of being Christopher Nolan with inception. in order to pursue the concept of open endings, they just end up shattering a really good story which could otherwise leave you contended at the end.
Still #2 from Deepwater Horizons. the colors really pop out and the detailing is absolutely breathtaking. wish all of you viewing this picture could see it for real. well in case you decide to, just need to drop in at 22 Park Street.
Stereo or Home Theater As you realize, both are very different concepts laying a very different approach to how your soundtrack is rendered. Simply speaking, a stereo is a 2 channel concept that is meant to render the music as it is intended to be. while a home theater is defined by surround sound concept that conveys information from various channels located at front - left, right and center and rear. However, it will be too simplistic to state that a stereo is merely for music and AVR (amp required for home theater) is just for movies and it is possible to play vice versa as well. what then prompts the buyer to go for either?? Let us examine the 2 concepts in more detail. While an integrated stereo amplifier has only the most traditional connectivity option - in most cases multiple analog inputs and 2 binding posts for speakers, the AVRs leave you spoilt for choices. There's AirPlay, Bluetooth, UsB, wifi to name a few apart from the usual connectivity options like HDMI , coaxial, optical and of course the analog. Since movies are decoded with Dolby surround sound , an AVR is supposed to have inputs that can support this concept. In addition one need not buy a separate cd player or network player for streaming as an AVR is usually equipped with all streaming services currently available. So in a sense, it's a complete package. So the difference then lies essentially in the quality of sound in 2 channel mode. While the Stereo is meant to convey the purest form of sound wherein every detail, guitar string and artist's vocal vibrations are astonishingly apparent, such intrinsic detailing cannot be expected out of an AVR. But for most people seeking to get the most out of their movie and music in equal measure, an AVR remains the most sought after option. Also one needs to invest in a really good quality DAC when hooking up a stereo integrated amp otherwise he is better off buying an AVR itself. So it cannot be argued that a stereo is necessarily a cheaper option. Personally, AVR setup to me is more viable for homes as one cannot just exclude the movies and tv shows which are better enjoyed on AVRs than stereo and the systems available today, particularly Marantz AVRs such as models NR 1506 , SR 5011, SE 6011 leaves nothing lacking even where 2 channel stereo sound is concerned from the AVRs . Call us for better understanding or visit our store for a live experience.
4K is here to stay... So it is pretty much evident with the growing number of 4K titles everyday that how much 4K is fast becoming the global standard of cinema. Not only are the latest films being released in 4K format but even the old ones are being remastered to 4K. And trust me when I say, 4K significantly alters the viewing experience. The image is so real, you can almost reach out and touch the characters. We have a 4K projection setup at our shop and invite you to feast your senses on the razor sharp picture quality that blends with reality in ways you cannot imagine.
The Sonos Playbar’s sound is exceedingly crisp and detailed, a tonality that’s common in aluminium-bodied speakers. There’s real finesse in its delivery of music and dialogue alike. Read more at Contact us for live demo. Add play ones and sub for true 5.1 surround sound. For more info visit us at
a still from the movie Deepwater Horizons. the picture quality is 4K and it's as close to real as you can get. running it on Sony VPL 1100 4K projector
4K HDR experience can't get any better than this. Planet Earth II in 4K can be hands down considered the best wildlife documentary ever made, the 4K resolution simply transforms it into a near live experience. You may well imagine yourself taking a helicopter ride, viewing our amazing planet in aerial view as it takes you on a journey never experienced before. Planet Earth II comprises of 6 episodes, each relating to a particular geographical landscape, namely islands, mountains, deserts, jungles, grasslands and cities and explore in great depth the challenges and adaptation of the wild life in each terrain. The 'cities' episode also covers the infamous leopards, which tend to encroach the urban territories of Mumbai. It is a real thrill to watch nature in such proximity. Anyone who has experienced the Planet Earth II 4K at Auditro, has been completely floored by the beauty of the rich, dramatic content in such pristine quality.
Dolby Atmos this is the latest sound format from Dolby laboratories. here the sound move like an object to not just surround but also overhead speakers. So you are transported into the story with moving audio that flows around you for a breathtaking realism. Of course, it helps if the movie being played is already embedded with atmos soundtrack. Most (I would say nearly all) of the movies being released on bluray ir uhd bluray are already embedded with atmos track so this has already become an accepted standard of sound. it's time to equip your home theaters with Dolby atmos sound.All of the 7.1 and above channel AV receivers and amplifiers available today from Marantz offer Atmos sound. Range starts from NR 1607 and continues to SR 5011, SR 6011 (9.2 channels) and SR 7011 (11 channels). These are exceptional performing receivers that not only equip you with atmos but also contains latest features like AirPlay, wifi , Bluetooth, to name a few and offers control and usb song access from it's free marantz remote app available free on Google play store and apple App store. call us to find out more.
Get to experience the beast of all projectors only at Auditro. Enjoy breathtaking realism in pure 4K with Sony 4K projector , model VPL HW 1100 ES. This projector comes with a price tag of Rs 18, 00, 000/- and it takes one glimpse to understand why. We welcome you to feast your eyes on the most gorgeous picture ever seen before. Movies will reveal a whole new dimension when experienced on this machine.