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Dali Zensor 7 Affordable high quality floorstanding speakers. Contact us at 9874700058 for special offers.
contact us for special offers on all #marantz products. Call 9874700058
We are the official dealers of Sonodyne products in Kolkata. Sonodyne is an Indian company manufacturing a wide range of speakers for Home Audio that is capable of producing dynamic and rich audio effortlessly. Sonodyne speakers are truly value for money when you compare the performance to the price being asked for. Their new launches in home theater category such as IWO series comprising of wall mounted speakers of varying sizes offers a sound comparable to floor standing speakers giving you the full authority and dynamism of the soundtrack. We shall be exploring their products more in further posts. For any enquiries or demo of Sonodyne products, we can be reached at 9874700058. Our exclusive outlet for sales and demo is located at 22 Park Street.
Best wireless multi room audio Has to be hands down Sonos Play 1. Not only it offers clear audio at affordable price, (without need to run wires all over the place) but enables you to sync several speakers over your wireless network to stream music from sonos app over phones and computers. the best part is there is an option to either group several speakers so they all stream one audio track, or play different tracks on different speakers or configure 2 speakers as stereo for separate left and right channels. what's more, there are options to set equalization as well. the play 1 s are available at our store for demo.
Dolby Atmos this is the latest sound format from Dolby laboratories. here the sound move like an object to not just surround but also overhead speakers. So you are transported into the story with moving audio that flows around you for a breathtaking realism. Of course, it helps if the movie being played is already embedded with atmos soundtrack. Most (I would say nearly all) of the movies being released on bluray ir uhd bluray are already embedded with atmos track so this has already become an accepted standard of sound. it's time to equip your home theaters with Dolby atmos sound.All of the 7.1 and above channel AV receivers and amplifiers available today from Marantz offer Atmos sound. Range starts from NR 1607 and continues to SR 5011, SR 6011 (9.2 channels) and SR 7011 (11 channels). These are exceptional performing receivers that not only equip you with atmos but also contains latest features like AirPlay, wifi , Bluetooth, to name a few and offers control and usb song access from it's free marantz remote app available free on Google play store and apple App store. call us to find out more.
SOLAN FLOOR-STANDING Enter the Morel world - hear the accurate music reproduction and feel the sound of a live unamlified instruments and voices MRP - 98000/pair. Call us for special offers.
Dali Fazon 5.1 speaker package An articulate and exciting sounding surround speaker package. Read more at for demo, sales and special offers call us at 9874700058.
Marantz SR 7011 - Powerhouse AVR with 11.2 channel Dolby Atmos The 9-channel SR7011 offers 11.2ch processing with 13.2ch pre-out, and is capable of Dolby Atmos 7.1.4, as well as supporting DTS:X and Auro 3D formats through forthcoming firmware upgrades. Connectivity is covered by eight HDMI inputs, each with support for 4K 60Hz passthrough and HDCP 2.2 compatibility, alongside 3 HDMI outs. There are plenty of legacy connections too, including three each for component and composite video ins and one each out. You can expect high-res music playback support – both PCM and DSD – alongside AirPlay, Bluetooth and Spotify Connect. Read more at
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