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    Paradigm CT 100 - available at Auditro. Price 78900/- MRP A home theater system to meet your needs: budget, style and space! System includes: 5 x Cinema 100 Satellite Speaker 1 x Cinema Sub When size and sound matter  Extract from Trusted Reviews.... It’s a 5.1 channel system with five identical Cinema 100 satellites and the Cinema Sub, bringing you a complete living-room friendly speaker setup for just under a grand. That may sound pricier than most compact speaker systems, but when you consider the price brackets Paradigm usually operates in, it’s actually cause for celebration. The idea is to bring the company’s renowned sound quality to a size and price point that a wider audience can enjoy, not just super-rich cinephiles with their own cinema rooms. The CT stands for Compact Theater, and design-wise it ticks all the compact system boxes. Gloss black finish? Check. Elegant curves? You bet. Diminutive dimensions? Check… well, sort of. These aren’t the most streamlined compact speakers we’ve ever encountered, with a J-Lo like back end that makes them seem quite chunky – but at 122(w) x 212(h)mm they still won’t take up much of your space. These are gloriously good looking speakers, giving off a palpable sense of quality both visually and to the touch. The cabinets, fashioned from mineral-filled polymer and coated in a sexy gloss black finish, have a satisfying robustness about them – confirmed by the dull, solid thud that comes back when you tap one as opposed to the hollow thonk that some speakers reply with. What’s more they’re fairly hefty, which is always a positive sign. The little Paradigm badges come separately, so you can keep them anonymous if you wish. They can be installed in a variety of ways. In the box are all the fixings you need to attach them to the wall – screw the metal brackets into the wall, screw the plastic clips into a hole in the back of the sats and then slide it onto the wall bracket. This Easy Mount system is an easy, secure mechanism that ensures a clean installation. Alternatively there are tabletop stands that screw into the same hole on the back, each one crafted from a rubbery material that feels sturdy and secure. These stands have holes that you need to feed the wires through before attaching them, which is a bit awkward but keeps the cable nice and tidy Read more at http://www.trustedreviews.com/reviews/paradigm-cinema-100-ct#juU6QoHXyjOc75ke.99
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