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No installation charges Please note we are currently charging no installation fees of any kind for setting up your AV system. (excepting work involving manual labor such as wiring , casing, drilling, projector mounting, etc), in which case it shall be charged at actuals, and at a very nominal rate. We do not charge customers for basic installation and configuration. We also undertake all future visits free of charge.
Audio installation done at Gym X, Kankurgachi Kolkata. Inaugurated by world famous body builder Kai Greene. For more info visit us at
our recent installation of in-wall, in-ceiling speakers for Mr. Vedaang Diwan. models displayed here are Dali Phantom install series.
Home Automation is not a foreign concept anymore and as people are becoming more and more aware of the benefits of taking control of the entire home on their fingertips, the list of users, seem to be ever growing. We are into providing Control and Automation from Raylogic. Raylogic is India's first comprehensive automation system manufacturing company providing world class control and automation at pocket - friendly prices. Till date, they have completed countless installations across India for residential complexes and commercial spaces alike. Briefly putting, here are what you can do with Automation : 1. Control everything from lights, fans, Air conditioning, all kinds of electronic devices like TV, projectors, Amplifiers, basically anything that uses a remote. 2. Integrate several devices at once to set scenes. For eg, at one push, trigger several events simultaneously like dimming the lights, rolling the screen down, closing the curtains, starting the air conditioner, turning on the projector, blu ray player and amplifier so you just sit back and enjoy the show. 3. Similarly, create different lighting moods. Set scenes for soft light, bright light. 4. Integrate with third party devices like ip cameras, alarms, door locks, etc for overall control. The automation demo is available at our Park Street showroom.
We are in the business of audio systems, home theaters, home cinema installations. equipping your movies with Dolby surround sound, we help you get the most out of your home entertainment portals. contact us for a demo.
Hurry to avail current month prices. It maybe noted that prices of all products are slated to increase from July due to GST. It is likely to go up by about 10%. So if you are planning a home Theater or any audio installation, kindly close this month to avail current prices. Additional discount applicable on ready stock.
Our recent installation at Desi Klub (unit of Spice Klub). Marantz + Morel.
Audio installation done at Gym X, Kankurgachi Kolkata. Inaugurated by world famous body builder Kai Greene.
Pro audio installation at Alcove New Kolkata township at Seerampore. Setup consists of 75 nos Sonodyne ceiling speakers - Ci6Xi with Australian Monitor AMC amps.