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Home Automation is not a foreign concept anymore and as people are becoming more and more aware of the benefits of taking control of the entire home on their fingertips, the list of users, seem to be ever growing. We are into providing Control and Automation from Raylogic. Raylogic is India's first comprehensive automation system manufacturing company providing world class control and automation at pocket - friendly prices. Till date, they have completed countless installations across India for residential complexes and commercial spaces alike. Briefly putting, here are what you can do with Automation : 1. Control everything from lights, fans, Air conditioning, all kinds of electronic devices like TV, projectors, Amplifiers, basically anything that uses a remote. 2. Integrate several devices at once to set scenes. For eg, at one push, trigger several events simultaneously like dimming the lights, rolling the screen down, closing the curtains, starting the air conditioner, turning on the projector, blu ray player and amplifier so you just sit back and enjoy the show. 3. Similarly, create different lighting moods. Set scenes for soft light, bright light. 4. Integrate with third party devices like ip cameras, alarms, door locks, etc for overall control. The automation demo is available at our Park Street showroom.
Optoma UHD60 - MRP 3, 50, 000/- TV, movie and gaming fans can now enjoy impressive 4K cinema quality images in their own home with the Optoma UHD60. Incorporating Ultra HD 4K resolution it brings content to life with thrilling detail, color and contrast for a stunningly immersive experience. Packed with the latest technology and features, the stylish UHD60 boasts High Dynamic Range (HDR) compatibility, HDCP 2.2 support and includes an integrated speaker that provides powerful sound. Bright 3000 lumen images and easy set-up means you can enjoy life-like big-screen entertainment in any living space.
AFFORDABLE 4k projection Movie fans can now enjoy impressive 4K UHD cinema quality images in their own home with the launch of a new home projector from Optoma UHD51A.
soundwallTM in-wall speakers > The SoundWall™ in-wall series delivers the same faithful reproduction that Morel fans worldwide have come to expect from their cinematic and musical experiences. This series features numerous award-winning Morel components and incorporates hi-end drivers. Available in two performance levels and three woofers sizes. The SoundWall™ speakers are made of two pieces (frame and speaker baffle) the frame can be installed in the wall at any stage of the construction while the speaker can be fitted at a later stage. This provides an opportunity to have the grille/frame painted and the assembly finished without damaging the loudspeaker in the building process. The drivers are installed on a CNC machined ¾" (19mm) MDF front plate with a black spark, non glossy finish, which dramatically reduces vibrations and resonance, as well as coloration, for perfectly balanced acoustics. All woofers include the C.A.R (Controlled Acoustic Resistance) Filter™, originally designed for car applications the filter optimizes the performance of the woofer in a free-air cavity and enables the in-wall to behave as if it had a conventional enclosure. In order to deliver a very wide dispersion at all frequencies the woofers have been designed with a flat profile architecture. The soft-dome tweeters have a 50 degrees dispersion angle at each direction making installation and alignment an easier task, providing a wider listening area without the need for directional/pivoting tweeters.