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    bass conductors
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    MONSTER MC 400SW - 4M
    INR  6175
    INR 6500 (Save 5%)
    Not Available | Free Shipping
    High Performance Subwoofer Cable for Enhanced Bass Response from Movies, Music, and Games Ordinary Audio Cables Don’t Maximize Subwoofer Performance Ordinary audio cables aren’t designed for the complex low frequencies a subwoofer delivers. Many feature inferior conductors with thin copper stranding that can degrade signal transfer for a muddy, unfocused bass response. Plus, poor construction prevents proper rejection of EM and RF interference, which can cause annoying buzzes and hums. Monster Cable® 400SW delivers deep, articulate bass that makes your favorite movies and music come alive. Monster® Patented Technologies for a Deeper Level of Bass Response With its superior technology and construction, 400SW outperforms other so-called “high performance” cables. A 100% Mylar® foil shield and high-density copper braid reject noise and hum. Solid-core bass conductors wrapped in a second wire network help maximize low-frequency signal transfer and pitch definition, so music and movie sound is always clear and dramatic. Plus, 24k gold contacts maximize conductivity and resist corrosion for a lifetime of durability and performance.
    MONSTER MB 100SW-18
    INR  7125
    INR 7500 (Save 5%)
    Not Available | Free Shipping
    Your powered subwoofer is only as good as the cable used to connect it, and most ordinary interconnect cables just don't deliver. Standard cables typically offer poor shielding, inferior construction, and flimsy connectors, resulting in a poor low-frequency signal transfer while struggling to reject noise and hum. The subwoofer subsequently produces loose, distorted, flat bass. Monster Bass 100 subwoofer cables, on the other hand, were designed specifically with subwoofer performance in mind. MB 100's special bass conductor improves low-frequency signal transfer, giving movie sound a wider dynamic range, greater accuracy, and deep, tight bass. To combat the common noise problems that invade ordinary cables, MB 100 cables feature a high-density copper braided shield for maximum interference rejection--the type that causes hum and buzz in your subwoofer. The MB 100's two "balanced" conductors also deliver fuller, more natural sound, which makes music and sound effects come to life. Finally, Monster's precision 24k gold contacts maximize conductivity and corrosion resistance for a lifetime of superior performance. If you want amazing home theater sound, your subwoofer has to be performing at its best, and Monster Bass 100 offers the easiest, most cost-effective way to upgrade your subwoofer performance.
    TRIBUTARIES Subwoofer Cable 5MTR
    INR  8455
    INR 8900 (Save 5%)
    Not Available | Free Shipping
    Tributaries 2S is the entry-level 24 AWG 5 meter subwoofer cable hand soldered in Orlando, FL. It is a coaxial cable with a solid 24 AWG Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) center conductor and dual shielding. It s stocked in ½ meter to 4 meter lengths with custom lengths available. The 2S is terminated with brown RCA connectors. The wires are soldered to solid gold-plated brass RCA connectors. The connection is protected with a crimped strain relief and low profile aluminum connector covers that are painted black and have colored rings for signal identification. Features Hand made in Orlando Florida, USA 24 AWG solid OFC conductors Dual shielded to lower the noise floor Low profile RCA connectors with aluminum covers Highly flexible black PVC jacket
    INR  18905
    INR 19900 (Save 5%)
    Not Available | Free Shipping
    Two 12AWG LC-OFC conductors for best signal transfer Sophisticated multi-gauge design for superior bass, mids & highs Insulated conductors eliminate strand interaction/distortion Precision-crafted PE Dielectric for Low Loss & Maximum Definition Highly flexible Siamese design UL® CL2 PVC Jacket Available in 200 foot spools or shorter custom lengths
    INR  9405
    INR 9900 (Save 5%)
    Not Available | Free Shipping
    Two 14AWG HC-OFC conductors with 5mm O.D. Two wire gauges per conductor for extended bass response Highly flexible Siamese design UL® CL2 PVC Jacket Available in 200 foot spools or shorter custom lengths Jacket Material PVC Diameter 5mm X 5mm Electrical Characteristics Capacitance 414 PF/M Impedance 20 ohms Conductor Resistance 8.1 ohms Put-Ups and Colors Stock Code Description Color Quantity SP414UL-BK02S Series 4 14AWG UL CL2 Speaker Wire
    INR  4655
    INR 4900 (Save 5%)
    Not Available | Free Shipping
    Features Two 16AWG OFC conductors with 4.0mm O.D. Stranded for flexibility Highly flexible Siamese gray PVC jacket Available in 200 foot spools or shorter custom lengths Specifications Tributaries SP216 is a 16/2 in a grey zip-cord Siamese construction. This product is available on 200 foot spools Conductor Composition : 2 X 16AWG Conductor Material : Stranded OFC Copper Jacket Material : PVC Diameter : 4mm X 4mm Electrical Characteristics Impedance : 21 ohms Capacitance : 419 PF/M Conductor Resistance : 13.9 ohms
    QED QX 16/2 300M Black PE Outdoor
    INR  48450
    INR 51000 (Save 5%)
    Not Available | Free Shipping
    Features Large cross-sectional area of high purity copper conductors ensures good performance levels are maintained even on longer runs Sequentially metre marked - counting down so you always know what you have left on the reel or in the box Water and UV resistant PE Outdoor outer jacket Can be buried Meets or exceeds UV resistance ISO 4892-2 Colour-coded conductor sheaths No additional conduit required saving on installation costs RoHS2 Compliant Supplied on 300m (984ft) reel Specification Conductor Size 16 AWG Conductor Construction 30/0.26 Conductor Resistance 13.3 Ω/km Conductor Cross-sectional Area 2.0 mm2 Insulation Colour Red, Black Dielectric Strength 600 kV AC Jacket Material PE Outside Diameter 6.20 mm Jacket Colour Black
    QED 79/100B Black 79 Strand Cable
    INR  28975
    INR 30500 (Save 5%)
    Not Available | Free Shipping
    Length: Custom Length The only cable ever to win the prestigious Federation of British Audio TEST OF TIME Award 79 superior grade copper strands - 2.50mm2 cross section Available in two colours (black or white) Clearer bass response Clearer high frequency response Wire Gauge - 14 AWG Jacket OD - 4.00mm Cross-sectional area - 2.50mm2 Loop resistance - 0.016 Ω/m Capacitance - 58pF/m Inductance - 0.66 µH/m Dissipation factor - 0.0900 Available on 100m reel Lifetime UK Warranty
    QED Performance Active HDMI 12M HS W/ETH
    INR  22325
    INR 23500 (Save 5%)
    Not Available | Free Shipping
    QED is proud to present the new Performance Active HDMI cable designed specifically for use at High Speed over cable runs up to 15 metres in length. Specifications : • Active Filter™ Technology • 99.999% Oxygen Free Copper conductors • 3D Compatible • Supports 4k x 2k Resolution at 60Hz, 18Gb/s • Full HD 1080p60 • Deep Colour • Audio Return Channel
    QED Performance Active HDMI 8M HS W/ETH
    INR  15200
    INR 16000 (Save 5%)
    Not Available | Free Shipping
    8 meter (~26 ft) Active Performance HDMI cable utilizes QED’s Active Filter TechnologyTM, which delivers high speed up to and including 15 meters. Supports 3D, Deep Color and 4K video resolution over long distances required for modern high-performance projectors Active Filter TechnologyTM is a dedicated integrated circuit especially developed to provide high speed data performance over long cable runs. It is built unobtrusively into the head shell of each cable The Active Performance HDMI cable delivers superior video and audio performance and high speed with Ethernet. It exceeds the requirements of the latest HDMI specifications. Specifications: 99.999% oxygen-free copper conductors. 3D compatible. Supports 4K x 2K resolution and Full HD 1080p60. Deep Color audio return channel cordage. Outside diameter: 8.5mm