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Q Acoustic 7000i - 5.1 audio system offers very good performance for its size, good build quality and affordable price making it ideal for tight spaces or tight budgets.

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For over a decade, Morel has built an international reputation for the SoundSpot™ satellite speaker systems. New design goals and the quest for an even higher performance level make this new sub/sat system the closest ever to a high fidelity floor standing system.

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One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain. - Bob Marley

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soundwallTM in-wall speakers > The SoundWall™ in-wall series delivers the same faithful reproduction that Morel fans worldwide have come to expect from their cinematic and musical experiences. This series features numerous award-winning Morel components and incorporates hi-end drivers. Available in two performance levels and three woofers sizes. The SoundWall™ speakers are made of two pieces (frame and speaker baffle) the frame can be installed in the wall at any stage of the construction while the speaker can be fitted at a later stage. This provides an opportunity to have the grille/frame painted and the assembly finished without damaging the loudspeaker in the building process. The drivers are installed on a CNC machined ¾" (19mm) MDF front plate with a black spark, non glossy finish, which dramatically reduces vibrations and resonance, as well as coloration, for perfectly balanced acoustics. All woofers include the C.A.R (Controlled Acoustic Resistance) Filter™, originally designed for car applications the filter optimizes the performance of the woofer in a free-air cavity and enables the in-wall to behave as if it had a conventional enclosure. In order to deliver a very wide dispersion at all frequencies the woofers have been designed with a flat profile architecture. The soft-dome tweeters have a 50 degrees dispersion angle at each direction making installation and alignment an easier task, providing a wider listening area without the need for directional/pivoting tweeters.

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solan 5.1 Relying on four decades of experience, know-how and innovations – Morel took the challenge, to deliver to a broader audience of music lovers a high quality music experience. The Solan is truly the entrance to Morel. > Designed for both 2-channel and home theatre systems, the Solan series fulfills the primary objective of recreating the electric atmosphere generated at a concert as well as accurately reproducing the sound of live unamplified instruments and voices. Superior craftsmanship, innovative technology and refined design elements; such as the front glossy finish front baffle, brushed aluminum base plate and Morel’s innovative Lotus grille*, set it apart from other products in this price category. In the middle of the Solan cabinet a vertical baffle with acoustic apertures was designed to break up standing waves, crucial to achieve natural sound. The new In-line bass reflex port technology is deployed at the rear of the bass/mid unit to achieve a tight and articulate bass reproduction as well as a realistic sound and presence to the midrange. The Solan series is sure to stir emotions for its style, quality performance, and value.

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Setting a new benchmark in affordable audiophile-quality sound reproduction, the new DALI RUBICON range of loudspeakers is the perfect union of striking design and sound engineering expertise – two strands that run deep in both DALI’s and Denmark’s DNA. The result is a musical experience beyond expectation, reproduction as close to the artist’s original intention as possible, and an overall aural experience that will elate. True music-lovers want their listening experience to come to life every time, as does DALI, which is why we have worked and experimented with both known and new technologies and techniques to produce a loudspeaker that can transport listeners back to the venue or studio at the moment their music of choice were originally recorded. An evolution of our award-winning EPICON series, this new family of loudspeakers is composed of the RUBICON 2 stand speaker, the RUBICON 5, RUBICON 6 and RUBICON 8 floor standing speakers, as well as a dedicated centre speaker the RUBICON VOKAL and the RUBICON LCR wall-mount hybrid – all sonically superior whether in or outside of the sweetspot. The pinnacle of DALI’s 30+ years of audio innovation and passion, the new RUBICON range delivers sound like you’ve never experienced it before…

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Demo the Aurum Cantus at Auditro 620 incorporates a aluminum ribbon loudspeaker that has great value and world-class performance. It offers a combination of real natural sound, graceful timbre making the 620 suitable for all music taste. A sandwich aluminum ribbon tweeter. Composite cone(PP, carbon and mica) designed woofer with special magnet system. Cone-shaped cabinet with parabolic structure, expensive hardwood in non-gloss paint finish. Perfect crossover design optimized for smooth transition between driver to driver. Precision-machined gold-plated copper connectors, bi-wiring design.

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The 3000i Series is an evolution of the 
3000 Series, which has undergone a number of innovative improvements intended to bring about significant enhancements in both sonic performance and aesthetics from the already established and highly awarded range. The 3000i Series forms the core Hi-Fi loudspeaker offering from Q Acoustics. Coming from a fusion of both evolutionary and revolutionary thinking, the 3000i Series benefits from state-of-the-art speaker technology, as well as improvements to the cabinet construction. Every 3000i Series model is an outstanding, genuine Hi-Fi loudspeaker with models that can also be combined to deliver 
a fantastic home cinema sound. Beautiful to behold and available in four attractive finishes. The perfect soundstage 
for movies and music, at an impressive 
price point that will deliver a pure and uncoloured sound that will please even 
the most discerning audiophile.

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